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Environment Matters

Environment Matters

Our aim in relation to materials and resource management is to adhere to the principles of:

  • Reduction - we want to use less of the earth's resources
  • Reuse - we want to reuse anything that we reasonably can
  • Recycling - we aim to recover and recycle materials wherever possible

With these aims in mind, it can be demonstrated that the production of FireLite and Neoceram fire rated glass is carried out in a highly responsible way. This is achieved in a number of ways:

Oxygen Fired Furnaces

Ceramic glass making by Nippon Electric Glass is carried out in industry leading oxygen fired furnaces.

The use of these furnaces helps our reduction of resource use aims because they are considerably more energy efficient, using less fuel in combustion, and therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, it has been found that these furnaces produce only one fifth of the amount of exhaust gasses that other manufacturers will produce. A significant benefit of this is that emissions of nitrous oxides, produced by the high temperature oxidation of atmospheric nitrogen, are very low. Nitrous oxide is a major greenhouse gas, which per unit of weight has hundreds of times more impact on global warming than carbon dioxide.

Recycling of Raw Materials

Since the 1980s, recycling of the raw materials of glass manufacture has been a priority for us. To this end, bulbs and polishing sludge from cathode ray tube televisions are recycled; desulphurised gypsum used in cement is recovered; organic polishing sludge from glass fibre production is recycled to produce glazing for tiles; upto 95% of all water used for cooling and polishing of glass is recycled and reused by in-house facilities; all paper is sorted and recycled.

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System

Ostu Plant, Japan

In line with corporate policy, NEG has held ISO 14001 certification for its manufacturing facilities since 1999.

This system is designed to help organisations to reduce the negative impact they may have on the environment, and to help them continually improve on this impact.

Otsu Plant, Shiga, Japan - This plant has held ISO 14001 certification since 1999, and is the manufacturing site of both FireLite and Neoceram fire rated glass.

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