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Why use Neoceram?


It is a well known fact that during combustion of carbon based fuels, principally carbon dioxide and water are released.

However, what is perhaps less well known is that such fuels, which include wood, coal and gas burnt in domestic stoves and appliances, also contain sulphur as an impurity. When this sulphur reacts with water released during combustion, Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) and Sulphurous Acid (H2SO3) are produced.

Both of these chemicals are corrosive to all equipment associated with combustion, and so it is with domestic stoves and appliances. These acids over time will 'pockmark' the surface of lesser glasses - but not so with Neoceram.

Neoceram has a special Silica Coating, a protective layer which prevents damage to the surface of the glass associated with these acids. This makes Neoceram the natural choice for stove and appliance manufactures as it will reduce customer returns caused by damage to the vision panel.

Features of Neoceram

  • Unique Silica Coating giving market leading longevity to the glass
  • Heat reflective coating available, which increases the efficiency of appliances (Technical information available on request)
  • Superior heat resistance, withstanding temperatures upto 800 °C
  • Ideal for use as inspection glass in industrial applications such as furnaces
  • Bent, curved or mirrored options available
  • Screen printed glass available i.e coloured borders
  • A range of 3, 4 or 5mm available
  • Easy to cut


  • 1062 x 2000 x 3mm
  • 1100 x 2000 x 4mm
  • 1125 x 2000 x 5mm
  • 50 Stock sheets per crate
  • Will cut and deliver to your specification
  • Replacement glass supplied for stoves and appliances

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