FireLite CE Marking Certification

FireLite has met the CE marking requirements of the European Community under the Construction Products Regulation for the placing of products on the European Single Market. FireLite is certificated in conformity with the applicable basic product standard BS EN 1748-2-1:2004 and Annex ZA BS EN 1748-2-2:2004. 

The relevant Declaration of Performance documents (DoP’s) for FireLite, FireLite-SF, and FireLite-SL can be found in the download section

As a reminder, some of the main aspects of CE marking are as follows:


  • The CE mark indicates conformity with the provisions of the relevant harmonised product standard for the particular product category that applies for the product (European norms, EN’s).
  • The intention is to allow the free movement of products across the internal market of the European Union, without obstacles to trade.

  • The process and conditions that apply are provided by the Constructions Product Regulation (CPR) which refers to the core Treaties of the European Union, and acknowledges the rules that apply in Member States that construction works be designed and built so as not to endanger safety of persons, buildings and the wider environment.

  • For important characteristics such as fire resistance the main elements of the CE marking process require the involvement of an independent official body, notified by the national authority as having the necessary core competencies, to carry out independent scrutiny of testing and product control systems.

  • The manufacturer’s Declaration of Performance (DoP) statement can only be made after the issuing of a certificate of constancy of performance of the product by the notified body.