Testing Fire Resistance - FireLite

Fire resistant glass demonstration tests

Across from left to right:

  1. Toughened glass 
  2. Toughened glass 
  3. FireLite

* Note: Check the sound volume before watching the video. To start the video, click the play button in the lower left corner. (30 seconds). Joint research by the University of Tokyo, Engineering & Risk Services Corporation, and NEG

FireLite has a fundamental integrity fire resistance characteristic, exceptionally for classification times up to and including 4 hours, when tested to UK and international standard test standards.

As for all fire-resistant glazings, FireLite must be used in appropriately approved fire-resistant framing systems, according to formal test evidence or assessments based on test evidence. 

The performance of FireLite in fire is not particularly sensitive to the framing material or to the extent of insulating edge cover from the frame. Appropriate frame materials can be metal and timber (or other materials if required, such as fire-resistant concrete and boards, subject to testing). Because of its stability in fire - its effectively zero thermal expansion - FireLite can be expected to be relatively insensitive to plate size or surface damage to the glazing.

Reference fire resistance test standards BS 476 part 22 1987, BS EN 1364-1 1999 (non-loadbearing walls) and BS EN 1634-1 2008 (doors and shutter assemblies). Information available on request.