Efficient and effective modern space heating


Efficient and effective modern space heating

NeoCeram is ideally suited for use in the modern types of stylish Ecodesign woodburning stoves for efficient and environmentally friendly heating in today’s home, to the latest levels of performance.

NeoCeram was first developed in the late 1960’s as a revolutionary clear ceramic glass for use wherever reliable and assured high temperature stability and resilience against thermal stresses and shock are required. It is transparent, provides a clear view of the flames and safely contains the burning fuel without the risks of falling hot ashes or embers and sparks from open fires.  

The classic traditional qualities of NeoCeram have been consistently maintained. And they have now been further developed with special coatings to provide added features that enhance the timber-burning stove experience. The unique CR coating minimizes pitting and crazing from acids generated in combustion, and the CE coating provides hotter, more efficient combustion whilst helping to keep the inner surface free of soot build up.The CV version is provided to give a clearer view into the fire chamber, and the CP subtle reflective coating allows the stove to blend with its surroundings when not being used, as a central room feature.  


The most modern woodburning stoves include special features and air flow systems for the latest in efficient, clean and effective space heating. They use a managed renewable timber fuel that is carbon neutral, which can also be produced relatively locally, without the energy footprint penalties of transport around the world and major industrial processing. Modern eco-friendly models are stylish and ensure cleaner combustion with maximum conversion of hydrocarbons to minimize unburnt particulates as well as other smoke components such as carbon monoxide, various nitrous oxides (NOX) and organic gaseous species.  


NeoCeram is an important element of those designs, not only for effective heating but also for the look of the stove, its classical style and appearance.

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