NeoCeram UK Availability & Design



NeoCeram is here on your doorstep in the UK from Ceramic Glass Ltd. Sizes cut from high quality stock sheets, supplied to order as standard sizes or as special shaped options. Maximum sizes, 50 plates per crate:
  • 3mm 2171mm x 1135mm
  • 4mm 2000mm x 1100mm
  • 5mm 2000mm x 1125mm
  • 5mm 2100mm x 1266mm
Surface flat and smooth, with a high quality standard polished finish.   *Replacements service available on request as individual cut plates if required.*

Premier Design and Style

A variety of choice options

  • Flat, curved, shaped, bent plates and panels

Curved outside radius up to 63mm for width 82mm. Also, 63mm for curve width of 100mm

Angled flat panels with side panels, special butt jointed and 90 degree corner bent flat panels.

  • Edge finished for easier handling - from standard arrised to polished finish
  • Polished surface plate finish or tinted reflection colour options
  • Ceramic frit border typically black banded or spot patterned, other options on request
  • Printed logo or bespoke and customized design devices
  • Corner hole drilling possible, for example, for special framing and fitting designs
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