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About Ceramic Glass Limited

Ceramic Glass Ltd is a trading name of Southern Ceramic Supplies Ltd, founded in the early 1980's.

Originally the company began supplying UK OEM stove manufacturers with NeoCeram ceramic glass for use as vision panels in appliance fronts. This remains a core market, with manufacturers today demanding an ever increasing choice of products, including screen printed, heat-reflective, anti-reflective, semi-reflective, black ceramic mirrored, tinted, curved & bent glasses.

Markets have also been created in other industries too for NeoCeram, including use offshore, high intensity lighting, heat processing and fabrication applications.

The company then moved into architectural glass applications, and introduced the UK market to FireLite. FireLite is unparalleled for its exceptionally high temperature resistance, stability, zero expansion, thermal stress & shock resistance, and long integrity ratings in excess of 240 minutes. FireLite is gaining in reputation as it is increasingly understood that 30 and 60 minute fire resistance ratings are not resilient enough to allow the safe evacuation of people and preservation of property.

Today Ceramic Glass Ltd regularly works in markets across the UK, Europe & the Gulf States.