FireLite has been tested, and survived unchanged, for fire resistance test times longer than 4 hours’ exposure. FireLite is ideal for use with sprinklers, because of its inherent resistance to thermal stress. FireLite is a 5mm clear ceramic glass specifically developed to provide robust and stable fire-resistance – an effective integrity fire-resistant glazing for transparent fire protection in a variety of architectural applications.




5mm integrity fire-resistant ceramic glass, stable at high temperatures and against heat stress and water quench.



9mm & 12mm laminated FireLite for impact safety, class 2(B)2 to BS EN 12600.



5mm FireLite with a special surface film for impact safety, class 3(B)3 to BS EN 12600.



Double glazed options using FireLite.



11mm and 15mm special laminate for enhanced acoustic attenuation.

FireLite Fire Resistant Ceramic Glass

The ideal integrity fire-resistant glazing: The physical containment of flames and smoke, and the safe escape of occupants separated from fire, are key considerations for designers and fire safety advisers acting on behalf of building owners and users alike, especially in considering suppression and firefighting actions. FireLite: Provides reliable basic integrity resistance for the physical containment of flames and smoke. That capability can be depended upon even under prolonged fire exposure, also when there is a likelihood of water quenching from sprinklers or firefighter hose streams (both realistic considerations in building fires).

Key Features

  • Long endurance without deterioration in fire conditions.
  • Tested, without change, for over 4 hours fire exposure.
  • Stable in fire temperatures, and resilient to high temperature differentials.
  • Able to stay in one piece even if quenched with cold water when hot.
  • Ideal for use together with sprinkler systems
  • Easily handled and glazed.
  • Readily available in the UK, with minimum lead times and quick delivery.
  • Maximum plate size 2490mm x 1266mm

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FireLite is a glazing combining the transparency of glass with special ceramic properties to provide excellent resilience to thermal stress. Like all common glass products, ceramic glass has a slight tint which can be seen when handling the glass, looking at the edge into the glass body. FireLite shows a distinctive but slight warm sunrise tone, which can be used to identify the ceramic glass, without concerns. But, as for float glass, FireLite does not show a perceptible colour when installed in a frame.

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