NeoCeram Distinctive Special Coatings


Today’s modern fireplace is the heart and centre of the home, bringing families together as a focus for warmth, cheerfulness and comfort. Style, design, convenience and efficiency are all important considerations as well to create a home. 

For those reasons a great deal of attention has been given to providing a number of high performance nanotechnology thin coatings to enhance and emphasize key performance and design features - inorganic oxide-based coatings which are stable at operating fireplace and stove temperatures.

  • NeoCeram-CR
  • NeoCeram-CE
  • NeoCeram-CV
  • NeoCeram-CP

NeoCeram-CR (Corrosion Resistant)

A unique coating on the inner face of the glass panel to enhance protection against the aggressive acids generated from bituminous and timber fuels when they burn, which would otherwise cause fine pitting and crazing corrosion of the panel surface. Especially for reducing the effects of aggressive hot sulphuric and sulphurous acids.

NeoCeram-CE (Combustion Efficient)

A cleaner inner surface. Better, more efficient combustion, and importantly, lower unburnt carbon emissions. The coating is applied to the outer surface to provide higher levels of reflected infra-red heat to give a relatively higher surface temperature on the combustion side, to burn off and limit the build-up of unburnt soot deposits. A hotter combustion chamber means better carbon conversion and more efficient combustion within the burning compartment – AND relatively less production of unburnt particulates to go up the chimney into the wider environment.

NeoCeram-CV (Clear View - Anti/Non-reflective)

Suppressed surface optical reflections for a clearer natural view of the flames and fireplace, to enhance the flames and their appearance, less distracted by surface reflected light.

NeoCeram-CP (Clear Perception)

To create a central design and style feature, even when the fireplace or stove is not in use. NeoCeram-CP has a semi-reflective partial mirror and selective transmission coating - perfect to reflect the room surroundings when the fire is not being used, but allowing a superb view of flickering flames when the fuel is burning. 

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